Use of restored tidal wetlands by endangered species

Use of restored tidal wetlands by an endangered estuarine fish (Longfin Smelt) in San Francisco Bay

Our primary objective is to describe if and when Longfin Smelt use shallow, tidal wetlands (sloughs and marshes) throughout San Francisco Bay, including temporal and spatial patterns, and relationships with physical environmental conditions. Given recent, large-scale efforts to restore tidal marsh habitats in the San Francisco Bay Estuary, we are examining the use of restored tidal marshes (former industrial salt ponds) in relation to other adjacent habitats (e.g., sloughs and shoals) within the region. Results of this work will advance our understanding of the biology and proper management of Longfin Smelt and provide information on whether large-scale tidal marsh restorations can provide suitable habitat that is used by, and may benefit, this endangered native species.