IsoFishR – Laser ablation data reduction in R

Data reduction and analysis of 87Sr/86Sr isotope ratios obtained via laser-ablation mass spectrometry. The aim of this application is to provide a rapid, reliable, and reproducible data reduction and analysis tool, that can be applied across disciplines.



  • Download the app from github as a .zip file and extract to a convenient location
  • Open the IsoFish.R file with R or R Studio
  • Make sure you are in an empty R environment (no previous workspace or packages loaded as this can cause conflicts)
  • Run the IsoFish.R file (in R studio: small green arrow on the right called “run app”, make sure this is set to “run external”) Rstudio


  • Projects allow the user to modify and store the import data settings and to change the default data reduction and data analysis parameters
  • Each project lives in its own folder in the app directory and any data and plots will be saved within the project folder

Data Reduction

  • Select runfile/s for data reduction and wait for the data processing to finish. Depending on the number of files this may take a while
  • Use the sample selector to view individual run files and check for data quality
  • Export the data (either appending to existing data or overwriting all files in the project folder)

Data Analysis

  • Upload already reduced data (a single .csv file). Depending on the number of samples in your file this may take a while.
  • Use the sample selector to view individual profiles
  • When done editing save the edits to each profile and finally export the analyzed data at the end of your session
  • The analyzed data.csv file can be reuploaded to keep working on an already started project

Data Table

  • A tabular view of the current data being analyzed

Download from: