Micah Bisson

Micah is the Lead Field Technician at the Otolith Geochemistry & Fish Ecology Laboratory.

He hails from the great state of New Hampshire, where he discovered his love for nature while tramping around the White Mountains. Discipline and loyalty were pounded into him in the Marine Corps serving as a diesel mechanic for the 3rd Light Armored Battalion, 1st Marines. After four years there, he then spent nearly a decade returning to his beloved mountains, living and working in Yosemite National Park. He also returned to tactile learning and took up big wall rock climbing, spending most of his free time at the end of a rope, high on the granite walls. College came next and the course of study was an easy decision — Wildlife Biology. During his first year of school at UC Davis, he started working as an (unpaid) intern in the then-Hobbs Lab. There he learned about otolith geochemistry, local San Francisco Estuary (SFE) ecology, and many field sampling techniques. After graduation and a brief time away from the Hobbs Lab, he returned as a Junior Specialist and then on to a Staff Research Assistant for the now-Otolith Geochemistry and Fish Ecology Lab (OGFL). He has led field sampling efforts for a 4 year long Longfin Smelt spawning habitat project, which frequently brought him and the crews to most parts of the SFE west of the Carquinez Straight.



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